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It is a goal of this project to add all the worlds calendar schemes for which we have reliable information. This section will document those calendars and describe the progress being made.

To begin, we need to say what we mean by a calendar scheme. Closely associated with schemes, is the format used to express them. "19 Sep 1948" and "9 19, 1948" is a single date expressed in the Gregorian calendar using different formats. "8 Days before the Ides of September 1948" and 6 Sep 1948" is the same day expressed in two formats of the Julian calendar. Whether we treat different formats of the same calendar as one or two different schemes is purely arbitrary - the underlying library allows both choices. We can therefore make these decisions in the interests of clarity and efficiency.

All Schemes have the following properties:-

The HistoryCal program has a number of calendars built-in by means of a default script. These are shown in the Calendar List. Others may be added by running a script - some example scripts are supplied with the program.

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