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do .. loop Statement

A do .. loop continuously runs the statements in between for a fixed number of iterations. This number is currently set at a maximum of 1000. The while and until

If a 'while condition' sub-statement is encountered then, if the condition is false, then execution of the script moves to the first statement after the 'loop' keyword. A 'until condition' sub-statement breaks out of the loop if the condition is true.

if Statement
statements ...
while bool_expr
statements ...
until bool_expr
statements ...
let day = date,g:dmy "1apr2017"; do writeln string,"g:wdmy+" day; until day >= date,g:dmy "1may2017" day += 7; loop Saturday 1 April 2017
Saturday 8 April 2017
Saturday 15 April 2017
Saturday 22 April 2017
Saturday 29 April 2017
Saturday 6 May 2017

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