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Full Calendar Scheme List
NameCodeStatusNotes and Links
ArmenianaProposedcc3 p25 (Variation of Egyptian)
Astronomical YearayImplemented
Aztec TonalpohualliaztResearchingcc3 p148 (no year count)
Aztec XihuitlazxResearchingcc3 p146 (no year count)
Baha'i (Badi)bahResearchingcc3 p229
Balinese PawukonbaResearchingcc3 p153
Burmese (Myanmar)burResearchingwikipedia
Chinese RegnalcrProposedwikipedia
CopticcoResearchingcc3 p73
English HybridengImplemented
English RegnalerImplemented
EgyptianeResearchingcc3 p25
EthiopianetResearchingcc3 p75
French RepublicanfrImplementedcc3239
French Republican Arithmetic Use Case Requiredcc3 p242
Gregorian Common EragceImplemented
Gregorian LiturgicalglitImplemented
Hebrew ObservationalhoResearchingcc3 p329
Hindu Astro LunarhalResearchingcc3 p301
Hindu Astro SolarhasResearchingcc3 p300
Hindu LunarhlResearchingcc3 p289
Hindu Old LunarholResearchingcc3 p128
Hindu Old SolarhosResearchingcc3 p126
Hindu SolarhsResearchingcc3 p288
Hindu BuddhisthbResearching
Islamic FātimidifImplemented
Islamic Microsoft HijriimsImplemented
Islamic ObservationalioDevelopmentcc3 p328
Islamic TabulariImplemented
ISO WeekisowImplemented
ISO OrdinalisooImplemented
JapanesejnResearchingcc3 p268
Japanese RegnaljnrResearching
Julian AnnunciationjaImplemented
Julian Annunciation PisajapImplemented
Julian Common ErajceImplemented
Julian DayjdResearching
Julian Day NumberjdnImplemented
Julian LiturgicaljlitImplemented
Julian NativityjnImplemented
Julian Spanish EraseImplemented
KoreankResearchingcc3 p269
Mayan Long CountmlcResearchingcc3 p138
Mayan HaabmhResearchingcc3 p139 (no year count)
Mayan TzolkinmtResearchingcc3 p142 (no year count)
Papal Regnal Researching
Persian ArithmeticalparResearchingcc3 p221
Persian AstronomicalpasResearchingcc3 p219
Roman (pre Julian)rResearching
Scottish HybridscotImplemented
Scottish Regnal Implemented
Tibetan (Phugpa)tResearchingcc3 p315
VietnamesevResearchingcc3 p271
cc3 = Calendrical Calculation 3rd Edition.

Note that this it a 1st attempt to organise all the calendars that may be included in the library. There may be name and code changes until they are fully implemented. Some calendars may be duplicated in this list under different names.

In Development

The following calendar variants are being considered.

Corrected Calendars

With some calendars, a particular authority is used to decide on the calendar elements and so a standard conversion is not possible. The Islamic observation calendar based on the appearance of the crescent moon is such a calendar.

It is possible to create a calendar accurate to within a day or two and this may be sufficient. But it may be possible, for instance, where the day of the week and calendar day is known, to improve the accuracy by adding a correction table.

Estimated Calendars

This is similar to the above, but where the error may be quite large and there is little hope of improvement. An example would be the early Roman calendar. In this variant, a series of ranges with a suggested error would be included. Dates would translate to a range, but would include a field so when translating back, the system knows to remove the error range.

Multi Calendars

A multi calendar is where two or more calendars are used together but unlike a hybrid calendar, they do not have to be similar. When formatting a multi-calendar, any element from any of the calendars may be used.

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