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27th June 2016

today-is.hcs script output

Alpha version 0.0.6 of HistoryCal for Windows is released. This version adds the ISO:8601 Week and Ordinal day calendar schemes. It also extends the formatting to cover the ISO standard. Work has also started to include the proposed EDTF extensions to the ISO:8601.

A number of bugs have been fixed, including the one which affected non-ascii characters in the date text.

19th November 2015

Alpha version 0.0.5 of HistoryCal for Windows is released. This version adds the Common Era Julian and Gregorian calendars and the Astronomical Year calendar, a hybrid using the Julian and Gregorian schemes.

The version also introduces the idea of optional fields in a calendar scheme, this makes it easier to create new calendar variants without impacting on other calendars. The HistoryCal script language has also been significantly extended with if/endif and do/loop statements plus other improvements. Work in inhand to fully document the language.

A number of bugs have been fixed, in particular the Christian Liturgical calendars should now work correctly.

24th May 2015

Alpha version 0.0.4 of HistoryCal for Windows is released. This version adds a new base calendar, the Islamic Tabular calendar which comes in a number of variations. The regional variants for the Scottish hybrid and a Scottish regnal calendars have also been added.

There have been significant improvements to the way calendars can be formatted and the default script has been updated to take advantage of them. Take a look at the "today-is.hcs" example script.

17th March 2015

Alpha version 0.0.3 of HistoryCal for Windows is released. This version adds two new base calendars, the French Republican and the Hebrew or Jewish calendar. There are some minor improvements to the user interface as well.

6th December 2014

Alpha version 0.0.2 of HistoryCal for Windows is released. This version adds a new input keyword "today" and removes some embarrassing spelling errors.

26th November 2014

An early alpha copy of HistoryCal for Windows has been released. This will allow anybody interested in the project to follow its progress.

An independent project has also been set up to create a new enhanced graphic user interface for HistoryCal and you are invited to participate, details are at http://historycalhci.wordpress.com or (Spanish version) http://historycalhcies.wordpress.com.

17th January 2014

The pCalCalc project has been renamed HistoryCal and has moved to a new home at http://historycal.org. It is thought that this new name better reflects the use and target audience of the program.

19th September 2013

I am pleased to announce a new project, the Programmable Calendric Calculator, also to be known as pCalCalc.

This project will be the new home of the "Cal" calendar library that was first developed for The Family Pack genealogy program. The pCalCalc application will use the library to allow users to convert dates between different world calendars, calculate ages and work with date ranges. It will also allow the user to extend the range of calendars provided by using a simple script language to create variants of the built-in calendar schemes.

Nick Matthews
Developer for pCalCalc.

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24th September 2013