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This is a work in progress and the results are still being assessed.

The Christian Liturgical year is a cyclic calendar of feast days. It is comprised of fixed and moveable seasons, the moveable seasons being based on the calculation of Easter Sunday for that year.

Each Sunday throughout the year is named. A number is assigned to each possible week. Because the seasons vary in length, some numbers will be skipped in any given year. This numbering system is unique to the Cal library - input and output would normally be through the text descriptions.

This version is based on the Gregorian Calendar.

Use Case

This version of the Christian Liturgical calendar was used to replace the Julian Liturgical Calendar as the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian one.


Record - Default order
Record - Ranking order

The Gregorian Liturgical scheme is a variation of the Gregorian scheme and has the same definition except that it includes the Optional Fields litweek and wday. These, together with the standard Fields year, month and day are ranked into the order shown in the Record above.

The litweek Field is detailed in the Julian Liturgical scheme. All other details of the scheme are the same as the Gregorian scheme.


Default Script
scheme glit { name "Gregorian Liturgical"; base gregorian; grammar lit; }

The scheme uses the lit grammar as defined for the Julian Liturgical Week scheme.

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