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The HistoryCal project gives some precise definitions to certain words or phrases.

Date Signature
A code preceding a date to indicate the scheme and format of that date. A date signature is terminated with a '#' character. For example, "g:mdy# Sep 19, 1948"
Dual Dates
Including two ways of expressing an element of the date. Specifically, writing both the civil year and the historic year, separated by a '/' character.
The mathematical starting point of a calendar system.
The period of time covered for a given calendar scheme or part of a scheme.
An element of a date, more formally part of a Record which holds a single value.
Julian Day Number
The day count calendar used internally by HistoryCal. Abbreviated to jdn. Formally defined here.
HistoryCal Input Expression
A subset of the HistoryCal Script modified for easier input.
HistoryCal Script
The formal script language used by the Cal library. Files containing this language use the .hcs extension.
Using more than one calendar scheme. Expressing the same date in a number of ways.
Scheme Usable Range
The range covering the time the scheme was known to be in use.
Scheme Working Range
The range of dates for which conversions are possible.
A collection of Fields which hold the values which define the date.
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