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The mailing list is the preferred medium for discussion. It may seem a bit old fashioned but I think it is still the most flexible and inclusive.

A general discussion area for anything to do with the HistoryCal project. Join/Manage


Whilst the Mailing List is the preferred discussion medium, for those who are more comfortable with web forums, the following is available. I am quite happy to add more if the demand is there.

General Discussion
A general discussion area.


A Ticket is created when some action is required. Entering the action in a Ticket ensures that it is not forgotten.

If you find a bug in the program or you want to request an enhancement, enter it here. If you ae not sure about it, ask in the HistoryCal-discuss mailing list first.


If none of the above methods of support are suitable, you may email the developer directly. nickmat at users.sourceforge.net

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24th September 2013