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The Scottish Hybrid calendar is a hybrid variant combining the Julian Annunciation, the Julian and the Gregorian calendars.

Use Case



The Record consists of four Fields named scheme, year, month, and day and two read only Fields wday, and unshift. The unshift field holds the historical year as calculated by the underlying Julian calendar.

jaJulian Annunciationpast31 Dec 1599Year 1599 is 282 days long
jJulian1 Jan 16002 Sep 1752
gGregorian14 Sep 1752futureYear 1752 is 355 days long

As a Hybrid calendar, it has no single epoch.


Default Script
scheme scot { name "Scottish Hybrid"; hybrid { fields year, month, day; scheme ja; change 2305458; // j# 1 Jan 1600 scheme j; change 2361222; // g# 14 Sep 1752 scheme g; } grammar hy; }

The script makes use of the globally available read-only field wday to output weekdays.

The calendar uses the "hy" grammar as defined for the English Hybrid calendar.

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