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Calendar Description

The Astronomical Year calendar is a hybrid variant combining the Julian and the Gregorian calendars. The calendar contains the year zero and prior years are shown as negative.

Use Case



The Record consists of four Fields named year, month, day and scheme plus the read only Field wday.

jJulianpastj# 4 Oct 1582
gGregoriang# 15 Oct 1582futureYear 1582 is 355 days long

As a Hybrid calendar, it has no single epoch.


Default Script
vocab jg { name "Scheme names"; fieldname scheme; lang en; stylename Scheme, Sch; tokens { 0, "Julian", "j"; 1, "Gregorian", "g"; } } grammar jg { inherit j; vocabs jg; alias field { Scheme, scheme; } alias stylename { Scheme, s; } format dmys, "(Day) |(Month:m.a) |(Year) |(Scheme:jg.a)"; format "dmys+", "(Day) |(Month:m) |(Year) |(Scheme:jg)"; pref dmy; } scheme ay { name "Astronomical Year"; hybrid { fields year, month, day; scheme j; change 2299161; // g# 15 Oct 1582 scheme g; } grammar jg; }

The "jg" grammar inherits the "j" grammar and adds "jg" vocab to use with the scheme field.

The script makes use of the globally available read-only field wday to output weekdays.

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